Basic routing

Let's add a hello world route. Edit the config object to include the following:

// index.js
const config = {
  routes: {
    helloWorld: {
      path: '/',
      methods: ['GET'],
      callback: () => 'Hello world!',

Put all your routes into the routes field of the config. Each route has to have a unique name and three keys: path, methods and callback.

Now you can run your server.

node index.js

You can access the API endpoint at the default URL: http://localhost:8080/:

curl http://localhost:8080/
> "Hello world!"

Constantly restarting your server whenever you make changes can be tedious. You can add nodemon that will restart your server whenever you make changes to the code.

npm install --save-dev nodemon

Now edit package.json and add an npm script.

"scripts": {
 "dev": "nodemon index.js"

Now you can run the server with npm run dev.